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Saint Joseph School

2012 Blue Ribbon School 

Mrs. Kathryn Petrone, Principal 
St. Joseph School 
370 Main Street 
Danbury, CT. 06810-5524

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Statement of Philosophy

The philosophy of St. Joseph School reflects its position as a central member of the Catholic School System of Danbury, Connecticut.

St. Joseph School is a multi-cultural, child-centered school striving to be a living community of faith. This school seeks to permeate every educational experience within the guidance of the school with the message of love and the vitality of Christ's presence. We recognize that each person is a loved and loving being who desires to know and act rightly.

We believe that parents are the prime educators, and we work to reinforce the education that parents have begun in their homes. Communication between home and school is an integral component of our philosophy.

We realize that the child comes to our school with a distinct set of values, emotions, personality, and family background. We encourage an inclusive curriculum which provides for the development of the whole child - spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We seek to instill in our community a strong sense of Christian morals and ethics, enabling each to become contributing member of our global society.

Mission Statement
Saint Joseph School thrives on propelling students from Pre-K to Eighth Grade toward a future where academic accomplishments are embraced by traditional Catholic identity and values in a safe environment.

The school is committed to nourishing young diverse minds while feeding spiritual growth with an emphasis on the formation of character and leadership.

Students work interdependently in academics, arts, and athletics to ensure a commitment to the whole student and to the development of our faith community.

In an ever-changing world and educational landscape, Saint Joseph School integrates innovative technology to effectively meet the needs of the students.

St. Joseph's School Web site




2018-2019Faculty and Staff

Principal: Mrs. Kathryn Petrone

Classroom Teachers
Kindergarten:     Mrs. Anne Guiry
First Grade:        Mrs. Cheryl Duffy
Second Grade:    Ms. Joanna Vill
Third Grade:       Ms. Robin Walluck
Fourth Grade:     Mr. David Bongiorno
Fifth Grade:        Mrs. Christine Hunton
MS Science/Sixth Grade Homeroom & Religion:  Mrs. Jennifer Reilly
MS Math/Seventh Grade Homeroom: Mrs. Sharon Varian
ELA (Grades 6 & 7)/Seventh Grade Homeroom & Religion: Sister Frances Heffron
MS Social Studies/Eighth Grade Homeroom, Religion, & ELA: Mrs. Mary
Ann Fleming
Pre Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Judy Abdalla, Mrs. Susanna Donatucci, Mrs. Joanne Kimmel
Teacher Aides
Mrs. Kelly Davidowski, Mrs. LeeAnn Miller, Ms. Betty Najm, & Mrs. Chris Sigillo
Special Area Teachers
Art: Mrs. Shelly Prokop
Computer:  Ms. Lydia Jabbour
Library: TBA
Music: Mrs. Jennifer Doherty
Physical Education: Mr. David Bongiorno
Languages: Mrs. Diana Bonnano
Resource: Mrs. Lisa Carino and Mrs. Gail Sansola
Secretary: Mrs. Elaine DeOliveira
Custodian: Mr. Alan Tarsi
Bookkeeper: Mrs. Jeanne Grenier
Nurses: TBA
Cafeteria: Nick's Catering
Band: Mrs. Catherine Cavallo

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